The Sydney Organ Competition 2020


We would like you to join us over the next week by inviting you to visit our Sydney Organ Competition Website to listen to the competitors perform.

Although this is not a live event, it brings us all together to showcase the talent of our young organists. We had 20 entries: 5 Preliminaries, 8 Juniors and 7 Intermediates.

We will be announcing all the awards on our Sydney Organ Competition Website on Friday 30th October at 5pm.

We would like to acknowledge our adjudicators, Jim Abraham and Simon Nieminski, who have given their time to determine the awards and, in the process, will be providing invaluable feedback to be given to our competitors.

We would also like to recognise the teachers who do an incredible job in nurturing young musicians – people who will be the next generation of performers and teachers or any of the various paths in which the study of music can lead.

Our Donors: What a crucial part they play in furthering the dreams and aspirations of our young musicians. These include Friends of the Sydney Town Hall, Ellen Dyer, Kathy Vern- Barnett, Betty Roberts and Teresa Mansour. Thank you!

There is much that that has happened in learning about technology. For the teachers and the Competition Committee, one might phrase it as mind-boggling, mind-blowing and a sincere hope that things will be easier next time we want to engage with our listeners online.

Without further ado, I’ll now leave you in the hands of our competition website

Stay well and all the best!
Godelieve Ghavalas
OMSS (Sydney Organ Competition Chair)